Due to the measures and directives announced by the Québec Government
in order to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus, our offices will be closed.

Some of our employees will be teleworking from home so for all information, kindly reach via email:
or on Domaine Forget Facebook page.
For Academy participants:

We are closely monitoring the situation
and our website is updated on a regular basis.


We are working on postponing the events planned in May to the fall. For the shows that have been postponed, we ask that you hold on to your tickets, the box office staff will contact you shortly concerning the new dates. For the other events, we invite you to hold on to your tickets.  We will contact you as soon the new dates are confirmed to inform you about the procedure that has been put into place. 


  • Louis-Jean Cormier: November 13, 2020 performance postponed to April 10, 2021
  • Les soeurs Boulay: May 28, 2020 performance postponed to April 23, 2021
  • Alexandra Stréliski: September 16, 2020 performance postponed to May 6, 2021
  • Les Cowboys Fringants: October 15, 2020 performance postponed to May 26, 2021
  • Matt Holubowski: August 22, 2020 performance postponed to June 6, 2021
  • Alexandre Poulin: October 3, 2020 performance postponed to October 2, 2021
  • Simon Leblanc: October 1, 2020 performance postponed to October 15, 2021
  • On va tous mourir: October 28, 2020 performance postponed to October 27, 2021
  • Jacques Michel: October 2, 2020 performance postponed to November 12, 2021
  • Patrick Watson: performance postponed, date to be come
  • Fred Pellerin: April 16, 2021 performance postponed to April 28, 2022


  • Julien Lacroix
  • L'Embardée


Harmonic Sculpture Garden / Self-guided tours

To help you fully enjoy your visit to the historic property at Domaine Forget de Charlevoix, we have set forth some guidelines to ensure the security and safety of our customers and staff.

At the moment, our visitor welcome services, public washrooms and the boutique at the concert hall are closed, but do follow us on social media, our reopening dates will be posted.

We encourage you to download the Site map which will make your visit more informative and pleasant.

You will find tables and benches at different spots on the property so you can rest or enjoy your picnic. In addition, the tables at the welcome area and on the terrace at the Joseph-Rouleau services pavilion are cleaned on a regular basis by our maintenance crew. We are counting on your collaboration to help us keep the property litter free and clean when you leave.

Use of any cannabis products is prohibited on the site and consummation of your personal alcoholic beverages is not allowed near the concert hall or on the terrace at the Joseph-Rouleau pavilion.

We recommend that you bring:

  • Hand sanitizer, mask or face-covering as well as disinfection material such as wipes when you stop to eat

Please stay home if you or a member of your immediate family has any Covid-19 symptoms!

Access to the Domaine Forget site is free so there could be many visitors on the site at the same time, please respect the physical distancing measures:

  • 2 meters (6ft) distance from others at all times
  • Respect the Public Health guidelines concerning public gatherings
  • Avoid common areas and do not enter any buildings unless absolutely necessary
  • Wash your hand frequently and before entering a building
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Wear a mask or face-covering if physical distancing is not possible


As of June 1, 2020, tourist accommodation establishments in Québec have been permitted to reopen, in order to avoid the risk of contamination, here are the precautions that Domaine Forget has set forth to ensure the security and safety of its customers and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. The present recommendations are based on the information that is currently available but are subject to change if more recent recommendations were to be issued by the Public Health authorities.


  • Each lodging unit has its own entrance, you will not be in close contact with other guests or visitors.
  • Since we will not be offering daily housekeeping services during your stay, we will leave cleaning products for your use in your unit, however, should you prefer to bring your own do so, and in fact, this is highly recommended. For all questions or problem, please contact the Domaine Forget lodging coordinator or go to the office where there is always someone available, you will find contact information on the kitchen table.
  • An alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispenser has been installed close to the Studios office door. There are no alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers in the lodging units, you must bring your own sanitizer and personal care products.
  • If you have any symptoms before your departure from home, it’s best to postpone you trip. Should symptoms develop during your stay, we ask that you follow the Covid-19 guidelines. You must also immediately advise the Domaine Forget lodging coordinator and call the Coronavirus information helpline, 1 877 644-4545.
  • Respecting the recommended hand washing and disinfection, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing guidelines is essential, please wear a mask or face-covering if physical distancing is not possible.
  • Please consult the Covid-19 Self-Care Guide which has all the information concerning the virus.


  • During the summer season, we will only book two night stays or longer. We need a one-day minimum between each rental in order to disinfect the units.
  • We reserve the right to check if you have returned from a trip within 14 days preceding your reservation. Should this be the case, your reservation will not be accepted since you must self-isolate for 14 days as per the Quarantine regulations. Please refer to the guidelines for travelers returning from a foreign country including the USA.
  • In order to limit contact upon arrival, the total cost of the reservation must be fully paid in advance.
  • You will select your unit in advance or we will simply assign one to you and provide the necessary information so you can easily find it. Upon arrival, proceed directly to your unit, the door will be unlocked and the key on the kitchen table.
  • Each Studio unit is completely independent. Fridge, stove, toaster, coffee maker, filters and kettle are included. You will also find dishes and cutlery (4 people), pots, pans, cooking utensils, dish clothes, rags, dish soap, salt and pepper. Table clothes or place mats are not included. If needed a bathroom clearing product will be available. Each unit has lines, towels and bath mat. Do go to the Studio office or contact the lodging coordinator if there is a problem or if you need anything else.
  • Upon departure, the key must be dropped in the box next to the Studio office.


In compliance with the Québec Government’s request, Domaine Forget de Charlevoix is cancelling its International Festival planned from June 21 to August 16, 2020.

Therefore all International Festival activities: classical music concerts, jazz, dance, concerts on the wharf, outdoor film projections, grand outdoor concert and the numerous free admission Academy events are cancelled for 2020. Anyone who has already purchased a season ticket or concert tickets will receive detailed information shortly.


  • Marc Hervieux
  • Alain Lefèvre
  • Arion Orchestre Baroque
  • Gary Hoffman
  • The Brubeck Brothers
  • Eliane Elias

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