Partners and donors

DFCA gratefully acknowledges the contributions of our valued donors to the Scholarship Fund. These scholarships motivate and encourage many young people to pursue their musical training by attending various Academy programs.

Private Scholarships

André Mathieu Memorial Scholarship (Janet Casey)

Andrée St-Pierre Scholarship

Béchard Family Scholarship

Bissonnette - Cloutier Family Scholarship

Campbell Brown and Garvin Brown Scholarship (Janet Casey)

Claire et Pierre Nadeau Family Scholarship

Claire Léger Scholarship

Claude Dussault Scholarship

Danielle Amyot Scholarship

Daniel Gauthier Scholarship

Denis Cantin Family Scholarship

Denise Angers & Joseph-Claude Poulin Scholarship

Desbiens-Têtu Scholarship

Elen & Michel Gendreau Scholarship

Élise Paré-Tousignant Scholarship

François Dorlot Scholarship

Frizon - Pereša Scholarship

Groupe Dallaire Scholarship

Hélène Robitaille & Jacques A. Bédard Family Scholarship

Jacques Dansereau Scholarship

Jacqueline Desmarais Scholarship

J.A. DeSève Foundation

Joseph Rouleau Scholarship

Lévesque – St-Pierre Scholarship

Louis Asselin & Louis Bhérer Scholarship

Louis-Marie Beaulieu Scholarship

Lucien Gaignard Family Scholarship

McNabney – Lagacé Scholarship

Mercier - Lavallée Family Scholarship

Michel Bolduc Family Scholarship

Michèle et Fernand Lacombe Scholarship

La Capitale Scholarship

Lévesque - St-Pierre Scholarships

Marcel Saucier Scholarship

Marie-Dominique Beaulieu & Laurier Boucher Scholarship

Michel Dubé Scholarship

Paul Desmarais Scholarship

Paul Lafleur Family Scholarship

Pierre Deslauriers Scholarship

Poulyo - Dupuis Scholarship

Roland Beaulieu Scholarship

St-Gelais - Falardeau Scholarship

Susan Casey-Brown Scholarship

Yvan Dufour Scholarship

Partner Scholarships

Azrieli Foundation Scholarships for the string and vocal programs

Simple Plan Foundation Scholarship for guitar classes

Père Lindsay Foundation Scholarships awarded to students who previously studied or worked at Camp Musical de Lanaudière

Étoiles Stingray award Scholarship for Canadian instrumentalists

Merit Scholarships

Alain-Marion Scholarship Flute

Bruce Holzman Scholarship Guitar

Dale-Bartlett Scholarship Piano accompanist

Eugene-Rittich Scholarship Horn

Hélène-Fortin Scholarship Voice

Lise-Beauchamp Scholarship Oboe

Vincent Cichowicz and James Watson Scholarships Trumpet

Young Talent Scholarships

OSM Manulife Competition Three full scholarships for a two week session

Société de guitare de Québec One $800 scholarship for a guitar session

Festival de musique du Royaume (Saguenay) One $1,200 scholarship for a two week session

Conservatoire de musique de Québec Three scholarships awarded to three students selected by Conservatoire de Québec

Conservatoire de musique de Montréal One scholarship awarded to a student selected by the Conservatoire de Montréal

Phoenix Youth Symphony Young Musicians Competition (Phoenix, AZ) Covers half of session fees for the competition winner