School Field Trips

As the saying goes, travel shapes youth, and there’s no need to go very far to get off the beaten path! Domaine Forget de Charlevoix is the ideal place to create a stimulating and fun learning environment. Discover a unique arts venue surrounded by nature, where dozens of school groups come every year to create bonds and memories that last a lifetime.


Our approach offers a lot of freedom for artistic expression. Whether you want to be structured or free as a bird, fun will be had. Summer or winter, the playful spirt of the site inspires learning, stimulates creativity and broadens horizons.

Learning is serious business…but what if we challenged that? New aptitudes are often shaped by different teaching approaches, exploration and experimentation. Taking a step back, cultivating new friendships, taking in the beauty, joining uplifting activities…what a better way to sharpen skills and discover new horizons.

A sense of community
Domaine Forget provides indoor and outdoor venues that foster new encounters and socialization. Channelling individual energy for the benefit of the group, what an exciting program! Most importantly, what a great way of realizing that a sense of sharing has a direct impact on motivation and performance!

A tailored experience
Domaine Forget caters to the special needs of different sized groups. Feel like discovering Charlevoix? Need special menu options? We take care of everything, satisfaction and fun guaranteed!

Top quality
The scenic view from the hills in St. Irénée is not the only thing that is "top notch" here. The installations are practica and accessible. Our food services and lodging complex all contribute to a friendly, comfortable and safe stay.

Memories to last a lifetime
Want to light up the stars in your students' eyes? The beauty of the site alone is impressive. But what they'll remember most are the encounters they will make, with others and with themselves! 


Domaine Forget has study, practice, workshop and recording venues that will keep your group motivated and energized.

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You can rely on our experienced kitchen staff to feed your hungry young artists. From snack trays to afternoon breaks…plates are emptied in a flash! Food allergies or dietary restrictions? No problem at all.

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At Domaine Forget, the ocean breeze is soothing and the rooms are comfy. Students will sleep just like at home with our all-inclusive packages. Sleep tight and wake up to a gorgeous sunrise!

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Need to move, to change scenery or to start the day off on the right foot? Come burn calories or spend extra energy on three kilometers of walking or snowshoeing trails.

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What an incredible place and warm welcome! The condos and the student residence are both very comfortable. The practice facilities spread out here and there on the Domaine make you want to ground yourself, take out your instrument and play.

Anne-Marie Fiset, professeure au Collège Champigny

An outing to Domaine Forget is just magical. Students get exited weeks before they go and are on cloud 9 weeks after they return. The facilities are new, convenient, beautiful and friendly. The staff is so friendly and the food is so good! For Musique Brébeuf, the annual music field trip to Domaine Forget has been a teacher and student favourite for over twenty years!

Julie Martin, professeure à Musique Bréboeuf

Domaine Forget is a place where young teens from École FACE become aware of the beauty outside and the beauty within. It is a place where music is celebrated as a universal language, a vehicle for peace and reflection.

Louis-Ambroise Paré, professeur à l'école FACE