Endowment Funds

Make a gift that reflects your values, your financial situation, and your philanthropic goals.


The creation of an endowment fund is a way of donating significantly to Domaine Forget and make a lasting contribution. You can choose the scope of your gift by contributing to one of our three funds, or by creating an endowment fund in your name. Each of these funds plays a major role in the development and sustainability of the organization and could meet your philanthropic goals.

By choosing to make a gift through an endowment fund, you are making sure that your contribution will last for decades. The capital invested in perpetuity guarantees an income from the interest generated each year at Domaine Forget. You can create a fund in your name with a donation of $10,000, or donate an amount of your choice to one of our existing funds.

An endowment fund is a good option for you if you want to make a long-term contribution and involve your friends and family. The principal in the fund can continue to grow with new donations, family donations or a bequest in your will. Since you can build up the capital over several years, it is an accessible way to make a significant gift to Domaine Forget.


Jacqueline and Paul Desmarais Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund awards nearly $235,000 in scholarships each year to students at the International Academy. This sum, which comes in part from the interest generated annually by a fund invested in perpetuity, allows hundreds of students to access our training programs. A planned gift to this fund has a direct impact on the artistic education of young people.

Azrieli Arts Development Fund

In an ever-changing cultural environment, this fund allows Domaine Forget to create new internships, to ensure the quality of teaching, to develop a digital strategy, to reach new clienteles, to broaden its offer of concerts, and to develop its international outreach. A planned gift invested in this fund will ensure the constant evolution of the organization and innovation in music and dance.

Domaine Development Fund

The development fund can accelerate adaptation to new technologies, contribute to developing new sectors of activity and ensure the preservation and maintenance of the buildings and installations. There are about 15 buildings and 23 sculptures on the site at Domaine Forget, investments to maintain them are required on a regular basis. The fund is also used to build or acquire new venues to serve a growing clientele.