From June 27 to July 9, 2022

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April 1, 2022

Applications received after the deadline will be accepted and processed if space allows.

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Anne Plamondon

Choreographer and Dancer

June 28 to July 8

Dance Curator, Domaine Forget de Charlevoix

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Dancer and Performer

July 4 to 8

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Bernard Martin

Dance artist

June 28 to July 2

Professor, École de danse de Montréal

Modern dance technique

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Carol Prieur


July 3 to 8

Member, Marie Chouinard Company

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Frédérique Dumas alias Pax

Dancer and Performer

June 28 to July 2

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Jermaine Spivey

Dance Artist, Choreographer, Teacher

July 3 to 8

Choreography Workshop

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Riley Watts

Dance artist

June 28 to July 2

William Forsythe: Improvisation technologies

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This two-week program is intended for advanced or professional dancers aged 16+ with a passion for dance. Young dancers will discover training approaches and avant-garde artistic creation techniques. The program will be lead by exceptional faculty members under dancer, choreographer and Domaine Forget dance curator Anne Plamondon’s supervision. 


Modern Dance Technique
With Bernard Martin
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Technique Workshop and improvisation
With Anne Plamondon

In this workshop, Anne Plamondon shares her unique approach, her choreographic language and valuable improvisational tools. Tapping into the RUBBERBAND Method to which she actively contributed, this class offers exercises that strenghten dexterity and precision of movement on all axes, decision-making and the use of rhythmic variations. By learning the principles of the method, dancers will be ready to engage the floor with authority and finesse. An emphasis will also be placed on the dancers' concentration and visual connections in partnering segments and in performance. Throughout the class, the teacher will rely on key principles of her personal approach to movement, such as self-presence in performance and awareness of breathing.

William Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies
With Riley Watts
more details coming

Ebnflo’s Repertoire
With Alexandra “Spicey” LandéÀ
more details coming

Workshop Dancing from Inside Out

With Margie Gillis

Re-awaken the joy of movement using dance exercises, games and imagery. This workshop is tailored to the students. Beginners gain a better understanding of the body, while the more experienced acquire a greater knowledge of their unique way of expression. Participants are sensitized to the links between thoughts, emotions and movement.  Emphasis is on observing the natural kinetic process: how our “inner landscape”, generated by electric impulses, is expressed in the muscles through movement. This in turn can support health, injury prevention, and convalescence.

Technique Workshop and Improvisation
With Anne Plamondon

Krump Technique
With Vladimir “7Starr” Laurore
more details coming

Choreography Workshop
With Jermaine Spivey
more details coming


AM - Technique Classes
PM - Repertoire and Choreography Workshop

Participants must be16 years of age or older.


  • Access to all the Academy classes and activities for the entire session: masterclasses, workshops and conferences.

  • Free access to le Domaine Forget International Festival concerts during the session. Restrictions may apply for certain concerts.

  • Student evening activities (bonfire, sports activities, tourist outings, movies, yoga etc.).

  • Three meals a day in the Joseph-Rouleau pavilion, which has a large terrace and marvelous view overlooking the St. Lawrence River.
  • Double or quadruple occupancy lodging.
  • Official attestation of participation to the program 


Complete all steps of the online application form, pay the $85 registration fee and provide the following material by April 1, 2022

In the scholarship awarding process, the evaluation committee will consider the quality of the audition material, the excellent nature of the candidate’s file as well as the student’s cover letter.


  • 1 solo performance, in the style of your choice for a total length of 2 to 5 minutes. Recording should consist of a distinct video link; public or unlisted YouTube, Vimeo or DropBox links or any other link directly accessible without a password and clearly labeled. Recording should be recent (less than 12 months).

  • Profile picture
  • Cover Letter


  • Every precaution will be or are taken to ensure everyone’s safety during their stay.

  • For more information go to the Covid-19


  • Arrival: Monday, June 27, 2022, as of 2 PM (classes begin on Tuesday, June 28, 2022)

  • Departure: Saturday, July 9, 2022 after breakfast

Transportation is the student’s responsibility, for all the details, go to Transport the page will be updated regularly in view of new developments or changes in current safety measures.


SESSION FROM JUNE 27 TO july 9, 2022 

CAN $1,872


First instalment
To confirm and reserve your place, a first deposit, non-refundable fee covering half of the full amount for your internship is required within seven (7) days, following your acceptance letter and invoice.

Second instalment
The second payment is due no later than May 15, 2022.


Le Domaine Forget de Charlevoix reserves the right to cancel any program if circumstances demand it. All fees already paid will then be reimbursed. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Le Domaine Forget de Charlevoix will retain 50% of the second payment in case of cancellation of your registration.

No refund will be made after May 16, 2022. 



Domaine Forget uses Paypal for secure payments. Email confirmation (in addition to the automated PayPal notification email) will be sent as soon as possible, once payment has been confirmed. Payment confirmation may take a few days. Remember: You must enter the amount you wish to pay and the full name of the registering student.

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