From July 1 to 14, 2018

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April 1, 2018


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Judicaël Perroy

Masterclasses - Guitar

July 2 to 8

Professor, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

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Pepe Romero

Masterclasses - Guitar

July 9 to 13

International Soloist

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Bruce Holzman

Private lessons - Guitar

July 1 to 13

Professor, Florida State University

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Denis Poliquin

Private lessons - Guitar

July 1 to 13

Session Coordinator

Professor, Académie de guitare de Montréal

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Patrick Roux

Private lessons - Guitar

July 1 to 13

Professor, Conservatoire de musique de Gatineau and Université d’Ottawa

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Jean Vallières

Private lessons - Guitar

July 1 to 14

Professor, Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

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This 2 week program is offered to advanced level students.

  • Masterclasses
  • Private lessons (2 minimum per week)
  • Technique classes
  • Harmony classes
  • Chamber music
  • Student concert


A limited number of students registered for the entire session, whose file stands out because of its quality and who will meet the superior selection criteria at Domaine Forget (degree of difficulty of the works performed and the exceptional quality of their performance) will benefit from one or some of the following advantages:

  • Workshop with guest faculty
  • Participation in an additional concert 
  • Scholarship


This program is specially designed for beginners and intermediate level students. A minimum of three years of classical guitar training is required (minimum age 14 years old).

  • Technique group classes
  • Private lessons (3 per week)
  • Themed workshops
  • Harmony classes
  • Masterclass attendance
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Student concert


  • Free access to all the Academy classes and activities for the entire session (possibility of attending masterclasses in other instruments if schedules allow)
  • Free access to le Domaine Forget International Festival concerts during the session*
    *Restrictions may apply for certain concerts
  • Sunday outings and student evening activities (bonfire, sports activities, etc.)


The contest will take place during the guitar session and is open to all the students duly registered for the session.
*Please note that you can apply for admission to the Guitar Session without having to participate in the contest.

Pre-requisite for participation in the contest

Be duly registered for the 2 weeks of the session.
Please note that previous first prize winners in category A and B can no longer enter the contest (however, category B winners would be eligible for category A).


The contest is divided into two categories:
Category A: ages 18* and older
Category B: ages 17 and younger
*The applicant must be 18 years old by April 1, 2018 to apply in this category.


  • Quarter-final Monday, July 2
  • Semi-final: To come
  • Final: To come


There is no imposed repertoire. Repertoire presented in quarter-final and semi-final should be different. On the other hand, the same work can be performed again in the final round.


  • Ages 17 and under: 5 minutes of music maximum
  • Ages 18 and above: 8 minutes of music maximum


  • Ages 17 and under:  8 minutes of music maximum
  • Ages 18 and above: 10 minutes of music maximum


  • Ages 17 and under: 10 minutes of music maximum
  • Ages 18 and above: 15 minutes of music maximum


Category A: ages 18 and over

1st place: $1,000, a full scholarship for the 2019 session and a participation in a mini-recital during the summer of 2019 
2nd place: $500 
3rd place: $250

Category B: ages 17 and under

1st place: $500, a scholarship for the 2019 session and participation in the first part of a mini-recital during the 2019 session.
2nd place: $250
3rd place: $150
Le Domaine Forget extends its gratitude to Ms Janet Casey for her generous contribution of all the cash prizes in the contest.


The Guitar session faculty and a guest will compose the jury of the guitar contest.

Application for admission

Complete all steps of the online application form and provide the following material:

Video link (Unlisted YouTube, Vimeo or DropBox links or any other link directly accessible, WITHOUT the need of a password) including:

  • 2 works, clearly identified - 20 minutes total – of contrasting types (style, period and composer)


Each participant must submit a list of the repertoire that he/she will play in masterclasses or in private lessons. This repertoire must be uploaded to Your Profile by Monday May 2, 2018 at the latest. A follow-up email will be sent in due course.

Each participant must fully insure his/her instrument for the entire length of his/her session. Unfortunately, Domaine Forget does not rent or loan musical instruments.


Arrival: Sunday, July 1, 2018 after 2 P.M.
Departure: Saturday, July 14, 2018 after breakfast


Two weeks session

Canadian student: $1,860 CDN 
International student: $1,990 CDN

One week session

Canadian student: $945 CDN 
International student: $1,010 CDN


One masterclass: $50 CDN

One day: $80 CDN

One week: $375 CDN


First instalment 

To confirm and reserve your place, a first deposit, non-refundable fee covering half of the full amount for your internship is required within seven (7) days, following your acceptance letter and invoice.

Second instalment

The second payment is due no later than June 1, 2018.


A $50 fee will be charged for any change, on dates, or duration of yourstay. Failure to comply with these terms, will result for the accepted student the lost of his/her reserved place. Le Domaine Forget reserves the right to cancel any program if circumstances demands it.


Le Domaine Forget will retain 50% of the second payment in case of cancellation of your registration. No refund will be made after June 2, 2018.


Domaine Forget uses Paypal for secure payments. Email confirmation (in addition to the automated PayPal notification email) will be sent as soon as possible, once payment has been confirmed. Payment confirmation may take a few days. Remember: You must enter the amount you wish to pay and the full name of the registering student.

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